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Due Diligence

When you set out to choose acupuncture school or make any major change in your life's course, you must understand thoroughly the principle of “Due Diligence”. Basically, this means to be careful to research an area thoroughly rather than jumping into something without full knowledge of what the move implies. There are several factors to take into consideration. The real keys are as follows:

Know What Is Available

Perhaps the most common cause for failure to reach one’s optimum in any are of life is ignorance of what is on offer. If you don’t know what is out there, how can you possibly make an informed choice? Look, ask, talk to people - acupuncturists, college representatives, students. Make sure you cover enough ground to get an thorough overview. Remember, one point of view only indicates bias. Multiple viewpoints however lead to perspective.

Know How To Get It.

Two of the great dilemmas in personal growth are, knowing how to learn and perhaps even more importantly, knowing what to learn. With regard to Colleges, as in all areas some genuinely are better than others. Some make unjustified claims. Others, often rather good ones may under-sell themselves. How does one discriminate?

We suggest that you read the prospectii, talk to college representatives and try to get firstly information and secondly a sense of the integrity and style of the organisation. If you can, meet several graduates of the college. Don’t rely on the testimony of just one or two people. Everyone has personal biases. Perspective is the key. Don’t be impatient. Keep on researching. You will know when you have enough information by two indicators. Firstly, the initial infatuation with your less informed ideas about the profession and/or any particular college’s marketing, will have transformed into an informed understanding. Secondly, any hesitation you may have been feeling will have resolved and you will really “know that you know” what it is you want to do. This is the point at which you will really be in a position to be able to follow your heart.

What To Do With It After You Have It.

An unfortunate consequence of many people on changing career, especially those moving from employment to self employment, is naivety about the changes in responsibility required to run a successful business. When you work for someone else, they take the risks and are responsible for making sure that you do your work correctly. As an employee, you operate a system for someone else. When you are self employed, you are the system. You have to do it all. Do the work, take the risks, fix the problems and pay the price for mistakes. This may seem like a problem at first glance, but it is actually the secret of success. Responsibility is only a problem where there is not enough interest and passion for your chosen field.

If you do your due diligence thoroughly, you should know before you choose acupuncture school whether a career in acupuncture is likely to be a sustained life purpose or just a short lived fad. The principals of this college have all been in practise and teaching for over 20 years. We all still love our work. We hope that by doing the necessary groundwork, that you will place yourself in a position in this field or another more suited to you, that will give you a similar degree of personal satisfaction and reward.

Choose Acupuncture School - Marketing

Do be aware that the signpost on the road to New York, is not actually New York. A good marketing company can be very persuasive. You need to really know what is being sold, rather than be persuaded by someone who doesn’t know you, that something you don’t fully understand is best for you. Very often, marketing misrepresents the end product. Just because there is more money spent on the marketing, doesn’t necessarily make the product the best burger. At the same time, something being more discreetly promoted doesn’t mean that it is of inferior quality. So when we want to choose acupuncture school, how do we discriminate?

Choose Acupuncture School - Ethical Practises

1. Features and Benefits

Ethical marketing is distinguished by its focus on the features and benefits of the item or institution being promoted. This is especially the case in professional circles and is a point of professional honour. In the light of the above, once you are clear on what it is that you need, by focussing on features and benefits, you can then evaluate what is on offer in the light of your specific requirements.

2. Persuasion

A common factor in marketing that is less helpful to the buyer is linked to the use of rhetorical devices such as those used in oratory. This is the art of persuasion. The intention is get the buyer to purchase on the seller’s recommendation, rather than what the buyer actually needs. This is good for the seller, but no so good for the buyer. Hence the Latin adage “caveat emptor”, buyer beware.

3. Detraction

The lowest form of promotion and the most immature is that of “mud slinging”. Commonly seen in politics and poor quality live TV, the seller attempts to increase the profile of their product by tearing down the credibility of the competition. Such practises as well as being actionable and constituting slander, clearly risk damaging the credibility of the profession as a whole as well as besmirching the perpetrator. Hence the commonly held doubts about the used car industry. Hopefully this is something you will never encounter during your research to choose acupuncture school, or into any area of the medical professions. If you do come across marketing strategies that you consider questionable, please contact your national self-regulating body. In Ireland please write to the Acupuncture Council of Ireland:

Celine O'Connor Casey

Ethics and Standards Commission


Station House


Dublin 18

Choose Acupuncture School - Decisions

So first, know what is available. Look at the features and benefits of each college and see how they best fit your particular needs. Be willing to wait until you have enough information to be reasonably sure of your choice prior to making a commitment.

Finally, do follow your heart. Try to make a connection with the people you will be working with. Get a sense of whether or not the approach fits your own style of learning. We have graduates in successful practice who felt intimidated by the prospect of strictly formalised academic approach to studying TCM. Being a small college, we have been able to cater for various cases who required more personal attention and direction due to special needs. Examples include a dyslexic student and one for whom English was a new and unfamiliar language. This in no way detracts from the structures and teaching methods of any other college. There are many who prefer a more strictly detached, structured and formal academic setting.

As you examine the field in more depth, you will become aware of your own predilections and be better able to make your own, informed choices. Wherever you are in the world, we wish you all the best in your search. We hope that you will be encouraged to pursue the study of TCM, or if not, that you will find a niche that will give you a similar degree of satisfaction and quality of life experience.

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