Dining Shannon

Nearby Restraunts

China Dine

For convenient and enjoyable dining Shannon has a very nice Chinese Restaurant quite nearby. The China DIne is just 100 meters walk from the door of the college.

It has a very nice menu and has hosted our graduation with the Chinese Ambassador for two years now, putting on a wonderful special selection of authentic traditional Chinese cuisine for His Excellency.

Oakwood Arms

A little further, towards the town centre is the Oakwood Arms Hotel. They do a bar lunch and have a nice restaurant which opens in the evening.

Shopping Centre

There are a number of places to eat around the town centre. There is a food court in the Mall that has a Chinese fast food restaurant as well as a few other choices.

Bunratty Folk Park and Castle

There are several restaurants in the Folk Park area around Bunratty Castle. It is only about five minutes' drive from the College and is another practical option.

Futher Afield

There are a number of excellent restaurants and hotels within thirty minutes drive of the college for evening meals. For those who are happy to drive, it is less than 30 minutes to either Limerick city or Ennis. You will have plenty of time to explore the region over the duration of the course.

Please take note that drink driving laws are rigidly enforced in Ireland.

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