Our Website - How We Built It

Why Our Site Works

We had been putting off setting up our website for years.

As acupuncturists, we are in the position of offering a service to others. Ours is a specialised medical service, about which the public is prone to make inaccurate assumptions. So we need to be aware of the need for clear and accurate communication about what it is we actually do and what the patient can expect. A website is a communication tool par excellence, and we should all learn to use it effectively. The problem for most of us is that the prospect of putting up a site seems difficult, expensive, or some other word that feels unpleasant.

Having access to a tool as effective as the web but continuing to do things manually, is like having a dog and doing the barking yourself! We hope that our students will not procrastinate for as long as we did, so we are including this page to help anyone who is interested get started effectively, especially those who are already in practise.

In our case, the inconvenience finally became overwhelming. We just had to find an efficient way of getting information out to handle the flood of enquiries.

But we had our FEARS, based on all the horror stories we had heard from other organisations who had had poor results on the web:

• No one able to find the site

• Long, slow and laborious to set it up and write the copy

• Interminable communication problems - technicians unable to grasp what is wanted

• After months of frustration, struggle and expense, the final surrender and exhaustion

Thankfully, a close friend who is having real success in streamlining his own business, insisted that we look at using a system that is tested and known to work. He suggested some rather in-depth reading, through which we kept coming across repeated references to Ken Evoy, the creator of sitesell.com.

Just a few days later, after reading his site content and the excellent manual which comes with Solo Build It!, we knew we had found a system that fitted our needs as non-technical, business users.

How did we know? After just three evenings, we had our website up and working for us!

•No technical experience was necessary

•We were able to quickly build a site using templates

•No specialised HTML knowledge was necessary

•We are able to maintain and update the site from any computer anywhere, whenever. (I actually built it during a couple of sleepless nights of jet lag while in the USA on a course!)

•We were not dependent on someone else to get the job done the way we wanted it

•Excellent presence on search engines and directories

•Proven e-commerce success for service providers

My personal advice is to avoid all the confusion of trying to read everything up front. Get Solo Build It! Thoroughly read the instruction manual that comes with it as directed. Then set up a site. That way you will know from hands on experience what e-commerce is all about in the shortest possible time with no suffering attached.

Don't wait as long as we did. Try it out now. It works!

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