Faculty members and some of the graduating class of 2004, pictured here with His Excellency Mr. Sha Hai Lin, Ambassador of China to Ireland.

Skills an Acupuncture Graduate should Master

The CMATCM syllabus provides the acupuncture graduate with detailed information covering the following areas:

• A knowledge of the theory of traditional medicine, as it is understood in China today. Graduates should be able to confidently discuss medical matters with Chinese doctors and professors.

• Thorough training in the location of acupuncture points, according to the framework laid down in China and approved by the World Health Organisation.

• The ability to evaluate and analyse the complex patterns of symptoms and signs presenting in a new patient, to choose an appropriate course of action, be it treatment or referral, and to proceed with confidence in the eventual decision.

• From their studies in internal medicine, students will be able to deal effectively with a variety of the joint and muscle problems which present themselves on a daily basis in the clinic, using traditional acupuncture techniques.

• Students will have the ability to advise patients on measures that they can take, to personally hasten their own recovery.

• Students are trained to confidently communicate and co-operate with GP's and other health care professionals, and to refer appropriately.

In short, on graduating from the CMATCM, students are expected to have equipped themselves to confidently run a successful clinical service.

It is the express purpose of the faculty and staff to assist our students to achieve this end.

Acupuncture Graduate Skills - Exemptions Medics


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