From time to time, the acupuncture School Ireland runs or hosts acupuncture events which are open to the general public. There may be any one of the following at diverse locations in Ireland and the UK:

Two-Day Chinese Philosophy Seminar

We occasionally present a two-day general introduction to the unique Chinese philosophy that guides everything from classical oriental painting to medicine. We feel it is particularly important to do this as the general perception of Chinese philosophy is particularly vague in the west. Considering how widespread Chinese medicine and culture is becoming, it is ever more important that the general public have a better idea of what it is really all about and what its origins are.

Evening Talks

We occasionally give introductory evening talks about acupuncture, Chinese medicine and associated subjects. These may be run in various locations, clinics, public venues and also in the premises of other organisations who are involved with or are interested in promoting Chinese culture and complimentary medicine.

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Guest Speakers

We are often able to arrange for a member of our faculty to address groups who are interested in furthering their knowledge of Chinese medicine and Philosophy. Please go to the Contact page of the site and get in touch with the registrar if you would like to arrange for a speaker.

Click the link below for an example of a recent two-day seminar held in Dublin.

Recent Acupuncture Events

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