Acupuncture Medical Professionals Exemptions

Certain applicants for the full three year program are elligible for exemptions as Acupuncture Medical Professionals. Those such as doctors and physiotherapists, whose previous training qualifies them adequately in basic sciences, will be exempted from the relevant examinations.

We do however encourage attendance at Dr. Bourke's excellent lectures, as while they cover the basic sciences in a refreshing manner, they orient this fundamental material to application in actual clinical practice.

Medical professionals who have taken the course in the past, have found this re-structuring of their perspective into basic principles to be extremely advantageous in developing their understanding of Chinese medical theory and its cross-overs with western thinking.

Should you require further information relative to your particular field, please contact the CMATCM office to arrange for an appointment to discuss your specialist requirements.

CMATCM office

TWO Year Course for GP's and Physiotherapists.

Next intake: September 2022

Our medical acupuncture course has been designed exclusively for medical doctors, physiotherapy graduates and others holding University degrees in medical sciences.

There is increasing evidence in support of the use of acupuncture as a safe and effective part of everyday medical practice. Many GP’s now regularly use acupuncture and report themselves to be highly satisfied with the results they achieve.

We have designed our course specifically to suit the needs of busy practitioners. While thoroughly covering the theory and practise of Chinese medicine, and incorporating the essentials that every practitioner needs to know, it will be completed over two years, ten weekends per year.

Our teaching methods are oriented toward producing excellence in clinical practice, incorporating formal lectures, practical demonstrations, audio visual aids and case history taking. Much time will be given to differentiation of syndromes and practical case management.

Please contact the Registrar for further details of exemptions for doctors and medical professionals.

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