Medical Acupuncture Sylabus

Nanjing Park

Nanjing Park

The Medical Acupuncture Sylabus is designed and taught by our principal, Dr. John O. Bourke. The most important factor in the ongoing integration of Traditional Chinese medicine into the health care systems of the western world, is the creation of a solid, effective bridge between the theory and practise of classical and modern disciplines.

Dr. Bourke is a practising GP and medical consultant to a variety of oranisations and has many years of experience as a practising acupuncturist. He has found a very significant niche for acupuncture as part of his medical skill-set, as have numerous other medics who have chosen to study with us at CMATCM.

From this background, he has the unique perspective of being able to see from inside the box, exactly where the two disciplines meet and diversify, where there is common ground and conversely, where one modality is more applicable than the other to a specific situation.

We have found the teaching of the medical module from this enlightened perspective to have been a boon in our training system. Dr. Bourke has succeeded in dispelling much of the misunderstanding and confusion commonly seen in students who have studied basic sciences merely as theory. His method presents these subjects as realistic knowledge which can be linked directly to TCM theory and applied in practise on a daily basis.

We consider this one of the real strongpoints of our teaching system, as do many of our graduates who have gone on to work with doctors, do post graduate studies in China and to run their own successful practices.

Basic Medical Sciences For Acupuncturists


Medical terminology

Surface anatomy

Medical ethics and jurisprudence

Practical instruction on history taking and examination


Tissue structures





Infection and prevention


Heart and vascular system

Blood and lymphatics

Respiratory system

Gastrointestinal tract

Genitourinary system

Hepato-biliary tract

Neurological system

Musculo skeletal system

Endocrine system


Ear, nose and throat

*Each is taken as a module with notes on medical management and investigation.

Medical Acupuncture Sylabus - Training in China


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