Training in China

Clinical Acupuncture Training in China is an option we thoroughly reccomend to our graduates, in order to further and complete their skill-base.

Ailbhe Du VĂ©, Lic. Ac., M.A.I.Ac.

Ailbhe graduated with Distinctions from CMATCM in 2003.

Having completed her training at the Nanjing University of TCM, she now practices in her own clinic in Galway, as well as doing locum work in practices throughout Ireland and England.

She is currently undertaking post graduate studies in nutrition.

Ailbhe is among the few in Ireland to have undertaken training in the Gerson system of Dietary Therapy in California and in the dedicated residential clinic in Tijuahana, Mexico.

The Nanjing University of TCM

Graduates are eligible to attend four weeks of intensive clinical training and practise in China. The program is provided by the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China. It is an excellent course, and previous graduates have confirmed that it provides an unequalled opportunity for a confident start into clinical practice. We highly recommend this module as it enables the budding clinician to get a level of practise in diagnosis and needling that they will be unlikely to be able to obtain anywhere else.

It is worthy of note that the quality of skill reinforcement training provided by this college, has given it the reputation of being the finest college of its type in the world. It holds this reputation both at home and abroad.

The Advanced Course

The University also offers a more thorough, three month module of advanced acupuncture training, covering both theory and clinical practise in detail. For those who can avail of the time, it is a tremendous advantage, as the student has time to thoroughly settle into the clinical environment, and experience Chinese acupuncture at a greater depth than is possible in just four weeks.

Longer Courses

For the really keen, the university can facilitate even longer periods of supervised training in its hospital clinics, for up to one year. While it is not essential to understand the Chinese language to avail of these longer periods of training, some foreign students take the opportunity to learn spoken Chinese while in the immersion situation available during a longer stay.

Training in China - Faculty members


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